back-to-school-183533_1280It’s time for the school year to start again – new teachers and experienced teachers alike are heading back to their students after a well-deserved summer break.  Teacher Candidates at university teacher-training programs are also heading back to school, to learn about their new profession.

Being a professional means a lot of things in a general sense, but for K-12 teachers, there are some very specific requirements.  These requirements also apply to Teacher Candidates, as they will be working as (not-yet-certified) “real teachers” alongside their school mentors. Therefore, they need to know what’s expected of them as professionals.   The statutory, regulatory, and union requirements for teacher professionalism can come across as a heavy and overwhelming topic.  Therefore, to make it a bit more fun, and to make the information a bit more sticky/easy to remember, I’ve written a song, “You’re a Professional”.

I hope you enjoy it!  I’ve also written a lesson plan and powerpoint about how to use the song lyrics with a group of teachers.

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