The ethical song

I’ve posted elsewhere about the need for ethics education for leaders in business, politics, and other sectors like education and healthcare. Ethical decision-making isn’t a simple or superficial process and it has various “tests” or lenses with which to consider the best choice.

I’ve covered this in my educational leadership courses, but I realized that it’s been dealt with more substantively in other professional education sectors such as healthcare. One of my favourite resources is McDonald’s Framework for Ethical Decision-Making (2001), which can be found at I shared an adaptation of it with my leadership theory class in Winter 2021, and of course, I needed to write a song to help convey the information in the framework. This song is dedicated to them – a group of teachers, scientists, a social worker, a dental hygienist, inclusive educators, engineers, and graduates from media and business programs. Ethical decision-making applies to all of us!

Here are the words:

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